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The People

The people behind Isle of Mull Scallops range from our skippers who work the boats to the busy team in the sorting house and everyone in-between who helps things run smoothly. These people are all Isle of Mull people, hard working and truly passionate about their industry.

This page will give you an insight into the real people behind the brand and how they work to get the scallops from sea to pan as quick as they can.

Top People

Sorting House

The Isle of Mull Scallop Sorting House was custom built in 2010 and has helped to reduce our carbon footprint and increase the quality and freshness of our scallops. The main objectives of the new sorting house on Mull were to reduce fuel consumption, reduce the amount of energy wasted and reduce the carbon footprint whilst ultimately providing all our customers with a fresh, premium product.

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Meet the folks at Isle of Mull Scallops

Shaun Braid

Shaun is a partner at our sorting house on Mull and he runs the team who prepare and sort the scallops. Shaun has always been a big seafood advocate and loves to eat his scallops with a nice crispy salad! Favourite recipe

Sarah Braid

Sarah, Shaun’s wife, is also a partner at our sorting house and is the main contact between factory and all customers. She is in charge of ensuring the quality and freshness that is paramount to our business. Although Sarah works with scallops daily, she still loves them ‘just they way they are’ and often just pan fries them in garlic butter – simple and delicious! Favourite recipe

Allan ‘Winker’ MacLean (Partner)

Allan’s role is to coordinate between the sorting house and the vessels landing the scallops. He is a big fan of Princes Charles following his Royal visit to Mull and his love for Isle of Mull Scallops. Allan prefers his scallops extra hot with chilli and butter Favourite recipe

Calum MacLachlainn (Partner)

Calum can trace his ancestry in Mull back over 1,000 from the times of the Viking Kings. He has fished for scallops all over Britain from the English Channel to the East Coast. Calum is the linchpin of the company and strives to ensure that everything runs smoothly. He loves all scallops and was known to eat them raw as soon as they came aboard back in the day when he was a deck hand. Calum loves a hearty cullen skink with Scallops

Top People

Our Boats

In addition to The Dawn Maid we now have The Vervine, another traditional fishing boat, skippered by Michael MacPhee, a close family friend of Calum’s and also a partner in the business.

It will never be our intention to build large steel vessels to bring in scallops. Our boats will never fish 24 hours and each night, they stop fishing in the traditional manner. Although our boats are smaller than the large, modern steel scallop boats that work elsewhere, we are able to fish the scallop beds of Mull in a similar way to which they have been fished since the 1930s. With scallop beds showing sustainable yields year on year and with proper management we are proud to know that we can sustain a future on our shores for our children and grandchildren to come.

Meet the skippers...

Robbie Scott
(Partner & skipper
of The Dawn Maid)

For the last seven years Robbie has skippered The Dawn Maid. He has been fishing in the waters around Mull for nearly 40 years and is widely respected amongst the fishing community as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced skippers on the West Coast. Robbie has the luxury of eating scallops from the boat the fresh, quick & easy way. Here is his favourite recipe - Pan Seared Scallops

Michael MacPhee
(Partner & skipper
of The Vervine)

Another of our skippers, Michael is in control of The Vervine. Michael grew up with Calum and following a career as a chef he became very interested in scallops and the quality of the product. He has fished extensively around the British Isles but is happiest in his home surroundings of the Hebridean waters off Mull. Favourite recipe - Scallop Cullen Skink perfect for a hard days work.