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Our Scallops

At the Isle of Mull Scallop Company, we strive to provide only the very best quality king scallops to all our customers. Our scallops are fished from the beautifully rich, clear Hebridean waters round the Isle of Mull and landed under a mile from our sorting house. The Atlantic waters that mix with the Gulf Stream around Mull provide the perfect habitat for scallops to thrive. All our scallops are hand cut within a few hours of landing and supplied fresh, never frozen. If on Mull, why not give them a try at MacGochans or Prince Charles's favourite chip van? Try them for yourself – buy them in 1kg or 0.5kg tubs and enjoy!

Process Sorting House

The Isle of Mull Scallop Sorting House was custom built in 2010 and has helped to reduce our carbon footprint and increase the quality and freshness of our scallops. The main objectives of the new sorting house on Mull were to reduce fuel consumption, reduce the amount of energy wasted and reduce the carbon footprint whilst ultimately providing all our customers with a fresh, premium product.

We also cut out the transportation of any excessive waste through our work with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and The Forestry Commission. Instead of sending the scallop shells to landfill, they are crushed and used by the Forestry Commission for forestry road construction. This has proven to be an excellent top dressing for forestry roads and even reduced the number of punctures on forestry vehicles. On a wider, environmental scale, significant quantities of calcium from the scallop shells is helping to reduce much of the acid in surface water that has become problematic over the last 150 years in Scotland. As a result this has lead to:

  • Waste being recycled and diverted away from landfill sites
  • Reduction in the quarrying of aggregates
  • Waste no longer being carried to the customer or to landfill sites
  • A reduction in CO2 emissions due to the reduction in transportation
  • Increased savings in waste disposal costs
  • Land and water remediation (de-acidification)

Back at the sorting house we are left with the non-edible interior, known as the ‘skirt’, to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way. This is returned to the sea in the form of bait for fisherman and is used by fish farms to feed wrasse, which in turn reduces the use of dangerous chemicals that would otherwise pollute the sea.

In line with our zero waste policy, we are happy to supply hand-dived scallops, however we will not supply them in the shell as up to 85% of the scallop would then be transported all over Britain only to end up in landfill.

We are currently in talks to develop an environmentally friendly way to fish for scallops. Changing our boats over to this new method will make us even more green. Watch this space for further detail as we trial new technologies. (new page link)