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About Us

The Isle of Mull Scallop Company was formed in 2010, aiming to provide quality, fresh scallops from the ancient waters around the island of Mull to customers throughout the UK. So far we have succeeded in this mission and look forward to many years of success to come!

The company was set up by Calum MacLachlainn and Allan ‘Winker’ MacLean whose families have lived on the Isle of Mull for centuries. Naturally their family history and love for their homeland and its seas led them to pursue a career in the fishing industry. Following many years of fishing Calum and Winker decided to dedicate their lives to an industry they both feel passionate about and so was born The Isle of Mull Scallop Company.

Our History

Like generations before them, Calum and Winker fished the scallop beds around the waters of Mull for many years. With their combined experience and expertise, they decided to invest in their own boats. This paved the way for what became The Isle of Mull Scallop company. They initially bought the Dawn Maid, a traditional fishing boat built by Nobles of Girvan, and then contacted Robert Scott, a well-known skipper on the west coast as well as a close friend, who joined the company as a partner, skippering the Dawn Maid.

Fishing Industry

Scotland has long been famed for the longevity and richness of its fishing industry, which dates back to 7000BC. Tobermory on the Isle of Mull was first established as a fishing port by the British Fisheries Board in 1788 due to its location and accessibility to the fishing grounds.

The ancient waters of the Inner Hebrides provide some of the freshest, most delicious seafood in the world and we’re proud to continue that incredible legacy with Isle of Mull Scallops.


In addition to The Dawn Maid we now have The Vervine, another traditional fishing boat, skippered by Michael MacPhee, a close family friend of Calum’s and also a partner in the business.

It will never be our intention to build large steel vessels to bring in scallops. Our boats will never fish 24 hours and each night, they stop fishing in the traditional manner. Although our boats are smaller than the large, modern steel scallop boats that work elsewhere, we are able to fish the scallop beds of Mull in a similar way to which they have been fished since the 1930s. With scallop beds showing sustainable yields year on year and with proper management we are proud to know that we can sustain a future on our shores for our children and grandchildren to come.