Mull Map

Welcome to the Isle of Mull,
home of the best scallops in Scotland and probably the world...

Welcome to the rugged west coast of Scotland. Welcome to salty sea spray and the ancient clear waters of the Inner Hebrides.Welcome to The Isle of Mull home of the best scallops in the world.

The cool green and blue waters around the Isle of Mull provide a unique growing ground for scallops; the chill Atlantic waves mingle with the warmth of the Gulf Stream to create the perfect habitat for thriving seafood. At The Isle of Mull Scallop Company each of our prized scallops is hand-cut within a few hours of landing; absolutely fresh and delicious, infused with the taste of the clean Scottish waters.

We are a small, passionate company dedicated to bringing only the choicest Scottish scallops to fishmongers, restaurants and supermarkets around the UK. When you see The Isle of Mull Scallops brand you can rest assured your scallops are the best money can buy.

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